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In this blog, we will show you three IELTS tricks for a higher score to crack  IELTS exams! These tricks will show you how to do better while attempting  IELTS Reading and Listening test and how to plan your study time.Find out now –

  • Tip #1: Use the  IELTS  structure to your advantage:While giving the IELTS Listening test at the end of section 1, instead of checking your answers when the recording tells you to do it, you must go straight to section 2 questions and start reading them. You will have time to check your answers at the end since you’ll have ten minutes to transfer your answers. Understand the test structure and be strategic about how you use your time to get a higher score.

  • Tip #2: Do things in the right order to save time:While giving the IELTS Reading test, time management is a problem for a lot of people. The order in which you do things in the Reading test can save time. Many people say that matching headings takes a long time but if you do it by paragraph order, you can save time. Do it paragraph by paragraph. Don’t go in the order of headings. Go to paragraph 1, look at the list of headings, pick a suitable one. Next, do the same with paragraph 2. This way you won’t read a paragraph more than once. The less you read, the more time you save!

  • Tip #3: Find out what your weaknesses and strengths are:Everyone is different. Try to find out where you need to focus as soon as possible. You can do a practice test at home under real exam conditions. Do the Listening test without stopping the recording and do the Reading test within 60 minutes. When you finish, take a look at where you got stuck. Did you run out of  speaking ideas?  Was the problem time management on the  Reading test? Don’t just continue doing practice tests and repeating the same mistakes. Once you know your weaknesses, go back and focus on building the right strategies.