DELF A1(Beginnerslevel):

This Course will introduce you to the basics of the language. By the end of the course you will be able to communicate a little depending on your every day practice.

  • 1. Basic Vocabulary
  • 2. Basic grammar
  • 3. Basic sentence framing
  • 4. Introduction to French culture

  • Course Details

    Basic Listening ,speaking, writing and reading practice for DELF A1

    Delf A1 Hours: 60Hrs

    Duration: 1hr/2hr(Mon-Fri)

    DELF A2(Intermediate)

    This level helps you to communicate better with more vocabulary and better insight in the grammar.One can get acquainted to the language with practice,focus and training.

    1. 1. Revision of Grammar and Basics
    2. 2. Student should have basic knowledge of French
    3. 3. Reading, writing, Listening and oral Practice will be given to enhance your skills
    4. 4. Student will be able to communicate better and listening skills will be developed.

    Course Details

    Hours: 60-65

    Duration: 1hr/2hr(as per the student’s convenience)

    Delf A1 +A2

    The Course combined is beneficial for Students Going Abroad. Improves Vocabulary and theircommunicationskills.

    Duration: 1hr/2hr(Mon-Fri)

    Course : Combo Delf

    A1+A2Hours: 90Hrs

    DELF B1

    This level makes you fluent in your language. You will be able to communicate fluently in French.With the certification of DELFB1 you can obtain Nationality.Focused 3 months and you can achieve the goal.

  • • Revision of Grammar and Basics
  • • Student should have knowledge and competence of A2 level in French
  • • Reading ,writing ,Listening and oral Practice will be given to enhance your skills
  • • To become fluent with the training from institute students need to put in their efforts as wellto get the achieved goals.

  • Course DetailsHours: 100

    Duration: 1hr/2hr (as per your convenience)

    Days: Mon– Fri