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Communication has become a vital part for human development, especially when it comes to English language. The English language is currently used by billions of people all over the world. The language is of great advantage to individuals who wants to pursue a career or education in English speaking countries. Further, these individuals have to be informed that an English proficiency examination test is required as part of the visa application. One trusted English proficiency examination is the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination.

The  IELTS test,   like any other English fluency tests, has a speaking examination. In this part of the test, examines have to sit in front of a native English speaker for fifteen minutes for an interview. The interview consists of three different tasks: an introduction, individual long-turn, and a two-way discussion. Each task evaluates the individual’s knowledge in understanding and responding different English questions.

Most candidates of the IELTS test feel anxious before the examination. Hence, it is recommended for any examines to attend IELTS speaking lectures to improve their speaking skills and confidence in using the language.

Now, how can one practice good pronunciation for the IELTS?

  • When you are not sure with the correct pronunciation of a particular word, always consult a dictionary.
  • Listen to English speakers. You can browse YouTube for different videos that teach proper pronunciation.
  • Have a vocabulary list. Write down words that you commonly mispronounce and practice speaking it every day.
  • Use the words you commonly mispronounce often. This will help you be familiar on its pronunciation and usage.
  • Find a speaking instructor. In IELTS review centers, speaking instructors train their students with the correct pronunciation of words to eliminate any regional accent one has.

Practice every day to develop your skill and your confidence in using the English language.

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