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The PTE writing section can really be intimidating, especially the essay writing task. Essay writing is one of the important tasks when you are appearing for  the PTE Academic examination.  You are given 20 minutes to write a 200-300 word essay on a given subject.

It is crucial to plan the PTE Academic essay writing activity. Here are some of the essay writing strategies that you can apply to improve your “write essay” score.

#1 Know the purpose of your essay –  You must identity the function of your composition. When the objective is clear in your mind you can easily direct the flow of information in your essay.

#2 Think about the essay question –  Brainstorming is must! You must gather your thoughts and list down the ideas before writing on the topic. Best way is to jot down the words and phrases instead of complete sentences. After listing down, group all your concepts together and arrange them in a logical manner and then go ahead with your essay writing.

#3 Use the right format –  It might seem unrealistic to you to write all the content in just 20 minutes with a 300 word limit. Structuring your essay in a right format is important. You can use the following format which helps you write all the content in the given time:

  • Introduction –  The introduction is meant to provide context to your composition. You must take care not to make your introduction too lengthy. Keep it terse and catchy to maintain the reader’s interest.
  • The essay body –  The essay body contains your main composition – the content. The content must be meticulously drafted as it presents your knowledge and views about the topic. Reinforce your statements with examples and balance your viewpoints with experience. Provide the positive and negative side of the issue.
  • Conclusion –  Sum up all the arguments you made in your content effectively and pinpoint a solution for the discussed issue.

#4 Trim your essay –  After drafting your essay, take some time to revise what has been written by you and remove any irrelevant idea.

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